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PIMI trains it candidates in core business functions and the development of relevant skills for business operations. Candidates participate in these programmes on weekends during school breaks. This is to ensure that the project does not conflict with their school schedules. At the close of every training season, we conduct examinations and issue graded certificates.

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Industrial Internship is a major scheme in our quest to develop these young top performing students as it is just the right avenue to equip students with the employable skills most lack from the training given them at the universities. PIMI assists candidates to secure internship placement at reputable organizations across the country for hands-on-training needed to acquire the requisite skills to meet industry’s requirements.

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PIMI Ghana understands the importance of developing new and viable business which will provide employment and create jobs hence this scheme.
Mentees have the opportunity to present business ideas to PIMI Ghana. These ideas are screened and best ones selected.

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This scheme is designed to identify graduate high fliers, discovering their inmate talents and nurturing those talents to conceive qualities that are required of a leader. These students are taken through a rigorous selection process with psychometric test, interviews, referencing and academic background checks.

Progress Intern and Mentor Institute (PIMI) GHANA is a Human Resource development institution that trains and empowers the youth for work and career development to become effective business leaders that will develop and transform businesses, making real impact in the business community and society for the benefits of all.

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