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PIMI trains it candidates in core business functions and the development of relevant skills for business operations. Candidates participate in these programmes on weekends during school breaks. This is to ensure that the project does not conflict with their school schedules. At the close of every training season, we conduct examinations and issue graded certificates.

Our resources persons are industry leaders with adequate insight into current industrial human capital needs. The training curriculum is designed to complement candidate’s academic training while satisfying current industry human capital development needs. We are also in partnership with university departments, professional bodies and other relevant institutions to achieve our set objectives.
The core objective of PIMI GHANAs training is to develop skills such as a critical thinking and problem solving. This will help our candidates become functional leaders for the benefits of businesses and create a brighter future for our communities. Excellent communication skills development also forms part of the core objective of our training candidates are engaged in case studies and project work.

Goals for Training

Leadership & Teamwork

  • At PIMI, candidates are trained to lead and functions in team.
  • Candidates demonstrates confidence and humility.
  • Has good interpersonal skills to engage fully with members of a team.

Management Planning

  • A PIMI candidate is organized and able to plan and follow through on complex projects.

Innovative & Action Oriented

  • A PIMI candidate takes intellectual risks and demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit.

Curious & Highly Skilled

  • PIMI candidates are inquisitive, confident, have high depth of knowledge and have attained a high level of mastery in their chosen filed
  • Probes deeply and continuously in their chose fields. Ask questions.
  • Keeps an open mind, yet thinks thoroughly on issues’
  • Shows confidence but never feels he/she knows it all.
  • Demonstrates awareness of global and multi-cultural issues.

Detail & Results Oriented

  • At PIMI, candidates pay detailed attention and ensure that targets and goals are achieved.

Critical Thinking & Qualitative Reasoning

  • A PIMI candidate is able to apply critical thinking and quantitative reasoning to approach complex problems.
  • Demonstrates skills in data analysis and modelling.
  • See things from multiple perspectives.

Ability to Learn & Communicate well

  • A PIMI candidate is an excellent communicator in variety of forms (oral, written etc).
  • Observes closely and is willing to learn.

Socially Responsible & Ethical

  • A PIMI candidate is ethical, responsible and engaged member of his/her community.
  • Demonstrates concern for others and would readily volunteer on community projects and engages in projects that help other people.
  • Does the right thing when nobody is looking.

Training is conducted by key industry leaders in a very practical, hands-on-manner through relevant course modules such as;

  • Leadership                                                                                                              
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Communication
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Effective Customer Service
  • Organizational Behavior Management

Progress Intern and Mentor Institute (PIMI) GHANA is a Human Resource development institution that trains and empowers the youth for work and career development to become effective business leaders that will develop and transform businesses, making real impact in the business community and society for the benefits of all.

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